Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This Damn Tree

I look outside my window,
At an old growth evergreen,
It blocks the landscape
And alters the scene.
I know behind it the Pacific
Presents a mesmerizing sight,
But unless I develop x-ray vision,
I won't see it, try as I might.

I'd like to cut the tree down,
So I can appraise from behind my glass perch,
And with telescopic lens scan the horizon,
In an opportunistic search.
I would take extraordinary pictures
Of the scenic ocean view,
And sell them at an inflated rate
To a privileged few.

But this massive piece of gnarly bark
Stares defiantly in my face,
A natural obstacle that devalues the worth
Of my fancy stucco place.

Alas, I'm sure others would agree –
I'd be able to enjoy the beauty of nature,
If it wasn't for this damn tree.

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