Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Leaves Deserve to Fall

It's been a delirious spring,
An arduous summer –
The leaves deserve to fall.
They tease the ground with,
A slow, wayward flutter,
As if ignoring Autumn's call.

But there's no urgency,
As they enjoy their descent,
Riding a carefree gust of wind.
The leaves are still alive
In shades of scarlet and fire,
And not quite ready to rescind.

But they're still wise,
To where they're headed –
No denial exists here.
Falling leaves will eventually
Settle in an earthy grave,
As the early frosts appear.

It's a destined transition
To glide from the trees,
And land to decompose –
To nourish future life,
Born anew in the valleys,
Mountains and meadows.

And when the time comes to
Slip from that Great Oak,
I hope to go like the falling leaves,
Blowing in the wind,
Carried with friends,
Along a peaceful breeze.

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