Sunday, June 8, 2014

What Inspires Me

I would like to say I am inspired
By the glistening morning dew,
Chirping birds, rainbows,
And skies of brilliant blue.

Snowcapped mountainous ranges,
Perseverance, forgiveness and love;
I appreciate and am thankful for the
Beauties of life and the stars above.

But the morbid truth of
What inspires me,
Is the suffering, pain,
And injustice I see.

It suppresses joy,
Fuels outrage,
And forces me on
A creative rampage.

The goodness in the world
I have no urge to explore.
For that I have faith,
And need nothing more.

It is the reprehensible
That spurs me to create,
If only to release me
Of my melancholic state.

How does one human being,
Strike another to the ground?
Bludgeon them to death with,
The remains never to be found?

How can adults abuse children,
And be aroused by that fear?
Force acts against their will,
When their pain is so clear?

How can people torture whimpering
Animals, the marginalized, the elderly?
With trauma on their faces as obvious,
As the atrociousness of such cruelty?

I would rather dwell on laughter,
And the broad ocean expanse,
But those things are taken care of,
And do not need a moral stance.

I am thus inspired by what
Is tragic and sad;
It moves me to canvas,
Pen and writing pad.

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